The Tour Route:
Nov 8-27, 2005 The Fisher
Nov 29-Dec 4, 2005 The Milwaukee Theatre
Dec 7-11, 2005 The Palace Theatre
Jan 4-15, 2006 The Parker Playhouse
Jan 17-22, 2006  The Palace
Jan 24-Feb 5, 2006 The Aronoff
Feb 7-12, 2006 The Merriam
Feb 28-Mar 5, 2006 The Warner
Mar 7-12, 2006 The Bushnell
Mar 14-19, 2006  Ordway Center
Mar 28-Apr 9, 2006 The Hobby Center
Apr 11-16, 2006  ASU Gammage
Apr 21-22, 2006 The Fox
Apr 25-May 7, 2006 The Byham
May 9-21, 2006 New Hippodrome
May 23-28, 2006 The Elgin
May 30-June 11, 2006 LaSalle Bank Theatre
Raves from National Critics:
VALERIE HARPER brings a grounded authenticity to the part, in the National Tour of the resilient work, developed over years by scripter WILLIAM GIBSON. She gives the character heart, humor, strength and, most of all, passion: conjuring the woman by sheer will, under SCOTT SCHWARTZ’s nicely paced, nuanced helming. It’s an amazing personal history course as seen through the eyes of one of the most fascinating leaders of the 20th century. Script and performance capture Golda Meir at her most iconoclastic: probing, tough, witty, mesmerizing and maternal. HARPER succeeds in the most challenging part: making her character believable not just as a stage presence but as a serious and steely leader of her country at a moment of world brinkmanship.”
— FRANK RIZZO, Variety

“As Golda Meir, VALERIE HARPER bats it out of the park!”
— NELSON PRESSLEY, The Washington Post

“VALERIE HARPER captures the essence of Golda Meir in WILLIAM GIBSON’s poignant and funny one-woman play! Harper commands the stage with easy authority, delivering Golda’s wry asides and poetic insights with conviction and lively spirit!"
— MICHAEL GROSSBERG, Columbus Dispatch

VALERIE HARPER gives a powerful portrayal
of Golda Meir! She enfolds her listeners
in the joy, hopes and tenacity that filled
the pages of Meir's life!”
— LAWRENCE B JOHNSON, The Detroit News

“VALERIE HARPER takes over the stage as Golda Meir, and she is the right woman for the job! Funny! Splendid! Absorbing!”
— MARTIN F. KOHN, Detroit Free Press
“VALERIE HARPER’s skilled, impassioned, tough-minded portrayal of Meir is something to experience, and couldn’t be timelier!”
— HAP ERSTEIN, The Palm Beach Post

“VALERIE HARPER’s Golda Meir is confident, dramatically agile, yet still stubborn and bitterweet!”  
— JACK ZINK, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

“VALERIE HARPER’s Golda Meir moves one to both laughter and tears! She shines in this dramatic triumph!”
— KERRY CLAWSON, Akron Beacon Journal

“Perfect! Golda's Balcony has enough humor and drama for a much longer play, but the 89 intermissionless minutes never feel short or long, only perfect!”
— JOHN SIMON, New York Magazine
“William Gibson's fascinating play is a tight-knit story of war and peace!”
— CLIVE BARNES, New York Post
Golda's Balcony is a moving tribute to the human
capacity for survival! Gibson's thoughtful script doesn't shy away from the more complex aspects of Meir's life.”

“Hearing from someone who was there at the birth of the country, who sacrificed to make it happen, helps remind us where the Middle East standoff came from. Golda's Balcony is enlightening!”
— NEIL GENZLINGER, The New York Times

“William Gibson's Golda's Balcony is a handsomely crafted, tough-minded story of a complex womanwho was an international force!”
— LINDA WINER, Newsday
Golda's Balcony expertly walks the line between illumination and entertainment! It skillfully weaves together the story of the public and private Golda Meir.
A fascinating show!”
— MICHAEL KUCHWARA, Associated Press
Golda's Balcony is a timely, incisive, powerfully-varied portrait of a remarkable woman!”
“William Gibson's play, at once moving and instructive, is packed with history and anecdote!”
— MALCOLM JOHNSON, Hartford Courant
“Gibson has done an amazing job with Golda's Balcony: he gives us a great understanding of Golda's personal and public life in a little over 90 minutes.”
— HOWARD KISSEL, New York Daily News
“William Gibson's very ambitious play, Golda's Balcony, is an epic among solo works!”
“A riveting play with an electric charge! Gibson has expertly woven in details of Golda's life!”
— JACQUES LE SOURD, Gannett Newspapers
“A 95 minute miracle. Don't miss it!”
— LIZ SMITH, Syndicated Writer
“You must see this play: not you ‘should’ see it, you must! It’s the most extraordinary, stunning evening in the theater that I’ve seen in a long, long time! Go see it!”
Testimonials from Jewish Leaders:
Golda's Balcony is an extraordinary
tour de force, and everyone should see it.
Anyone who loves theater and is concerned with Jewish history - and everyone else - should see
Golda's Balcony.
— ELIE WIESEL, 1986 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Golda's Balcony was one of the strongest theatrical
experiences of my life, bringing to life this exceptional woman during those extraordinary times. It portrayed
Golda as a true lioness. I was moved, touched and proud!”
— AMBASSADOR DAN GILLERMAN, Permanent Representative of Israel to the UN
“I came, I saw, I was conquered!
Golda's Balcony is an extraordinary event!
This wonderful piece of theater brings Golda,
Israel and the Jewish people to life. Everyone should see it!”
National Director, Anti-Defamation League
“Run, don't walk, to Golda's Balcony to spend an emotional hour and a half with one of the great women of history. Jews especially will be touched, but people of all religions will marvel at this spectacular play. It is a theatrical triumph, and it is not to be missed!”
— JUNE WALKER, National President, HADASSAH
Golda's Balcony is an artistic achievement that miraculously brings to life an entire generation of Israel's most influential leaders. An outstanding evening of theater, the show resonates with the inner strengths of one of our greatest contemporary heroines.”
— GLORIA B. COHEN, International President, Women's League for Conservative Judaism
Golda's Balcony is an absolute must! This amazing show enables the audience to experience the life of one of the most important figures in Israel's history and relive the critical events from Israel's founding through the Yom Kippur War.”
— MALCOLM HOENLEIN, Executive Vice Chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
“Give yourself the gift of Golda's Balcony. It's theatre you just can't miss!”
National President, National Council
of Jewish Women
Golda's Balcony is a touching, moving and captivating experience, in which a visionary, passionate and extraordinary women is brilliantly brought to life. It is history relived on an emotional level. Unforgettable!”
— MARCIA GENUTH, National President, Emunah of America
“The view from Golda's Balcony guarantees that you will never see Israel in the same way again. The play makes Golda come alive: and Golda, on stage, made me proud and exhilarated to be a Jew. If you want to inspire commitment to Israel, encourage your friends and family to pay a personal visit to Golda's Balcony. They will thank you!”
— RABBI JEROME EPSTEIN, Executive Vice President, The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
“The very best way to learn about Israel
is to get to know her larger-than-life leaders.
Golda's Balcony introduces us, in a powerful,
educational, and delightful way, to the extraordinary Golda Meir. See this production as soon as you can.”
— RABBI ERIC YOFFIE, President, Union of Reform Judaism
Golda's Balcony is stunning and uplifting theatre. In just 90 magical minutes, the fullness, the complexity and the humanity of a great leader - who embodies the most tortured, triumphant and turbulent century in Jewish History of the last 2,000 years - is brought stunningly to life. This play is not to be missed!”
— RABBI SHLOMO RISKIN, Dean, Ohr Torah Institutions
“Become a part of living history
through the brilliance of Golda's Balcony.
The show is a transformable experience:
its words and deeds will resonate with you for days.”
— ELLEN ROSENBERG, Former Executive Director, Women of Reform Judaism
“It is important for people of all ages to see Golda's Balcony, a piece of living history. You will come away with a powerful understanding of what went into the founding and preservation of the State of Israel. Golda's Balcony is a must see. It would be a shonda to miss it!”
— JAMES S. TISCH, Former Chairman of the Board, United Jewish Communities, Chairman of the Board, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
“An extraordinary evening of theater, history and Jewish destiny. A personal story, but at the same time the story of a people reborn. Moving, funny and ever so human - Golda comes alive.”
Vice President of Jewish Renaissance and Renewal, United Jewish Communities
“Riveting. Poignant. Emotionally engaging. Extraordinary. Golda's Balcony gives us an amazing, wonderful night of theater which should be experienced by everyone. You will leave the auditorium uplifted, enlightened, thoughtful and proud. By all means go. Experience Golda's Balcony.”
— RABBI JOEL H. MEYERS, Executive Vice President, Rabbinical Assembly
Golda's Balcony packs a tremendous wallop. This is a gripping reenactment of one of the great Jewish woman's lives of all time. At times the show brought me to taste despair and to tears; at other moments, I felt inspired and exultant. This play is a must-see for the next generation.”
— RABBI YITZ GREENBERG, President, Jewish Life Network
Golda's Balcony is extraordinary: in a word, it brings Golda back to life.”
— AMBASSADOR ALON PINKAS, Consul General of Israel, New York